Welcome to the ESC of Central Ohio
This page will house video collections that will help new employees become more acclimated with the ESC of Central Ohio's departments, classrooms and customer service standards.



ESC Department ToursDepartment Tours
Here you find videos that highlight individual departments within the ESC of Central Ohio. A new department will be added each month during the school year.

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ESC is Me


ESC is Me
The "ESC is Me" video series will shine a spotlight on the variety of roles and the diversity of districts ESC employees are actively assisting.

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ESC IntercomFeatured videos from The Intercom
Each issue of The Intercom, the ESC staff newsletter, will feature videos to accompany the text version of select stories. The latest version of The Intercom can be always be found at this address: Click here for featured videos from the Intercom.





Points of Pride
Throughout the year, there are countless stories that exemplify the impact ESC staff, programs, products and services have on the value added to our customers. Stories that make us all truly proud to be part of this agency.

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ESC Superhero

Captain Customer Service to the Rescue
Good customer service is always in peril.

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